Nicholas Daniels

Who is allowed to write a review?

Answer: You must be a recent customer of the business you are reviewing.

How soon will my review appear?

Answer: Reviews that are found to be appropriate and legitimate are normally published within a few days of the submission or sooner.

Are all reviews published?

Answer: Unless they are inappropriate or not legitimate.

Will my review be edited?

Answer: Only if it’s too long or if your comments are offensive or inappropriate.

Why do I have to give my name and email address to write a review?

Answer: We cannot allow anonymous reviews to be published because we only publish reviews from actual customers of the business being reviewed. In order to verify that you are a customer of that business, your name and email address are required.

Can I delete a review after I have written it?

Answer: No.

Can I write anything I want?

Answer: We ask you to be factual and honest. If your comments are factual, honest and appropriate (for example not vulgar, defamatory, libelous, obscene or racist) we will post your review. We do not allow reviews that contain comments that identify individuals (name, phone number, email address, etc.) or that contain links, advertising, promotional materials, etc.